63. Avoid assumptions

Don’t start fixing code until you find reproduction steps that lead to the bug. Otherwise you can’t be sure that your fix really resolves the issue. Write a test that will lead to that bug so you can reproduce it easily and check your fixes. Think about the impact of your fix on functionality or… Continue reading 63. Avoid assumptions

61. 5 whys

Always try to ask at least 5 whys while solving a problem instead of giving up or asking colleagues straightaway. Instead of saying “I have an error” ask: why? Example:What does the error message says?“Database schema is wrong.” Why?Because ORM cannot see the table. Why?Because it connects to the wrong database. Why?Because connection string is… Continue reading 61. 5 whys

60. Break down the problems until you can start coding

One of the most hated by students at universities thing is “programming on paper”. I can understand that. Sometimes it evolved to professors requiring compilable code written by hand, which is nonsense. But, in my opinion, it was created to teach students to break down the problem until they start coding. Whether you to write… Continue reading 60. Break down the problems until you can start coding