94. Moving cursor around

These are some of the best time-savers and flow-keepers. Yet, they are often not mentioned while talking about keyboard shortcuts.
1. Hold Ctrl and press left and right arrow keys to jump over the whole words.
2. Home key navigates you to the beginning of the line and End – respectively over to the last symbol in line.
3. Ctrl+Home gets you to the top of the line, Ctrl+End to the bottom.
4. You can of course combine these shortcuts with the Shift to select the code.
5. Some editors support selecting columns which lets you perform the same actions in many lines at once: write but also select. Combine it with Ctrl key and you have a very powerful way to create some simple batch scripts or quickly edit the data!

As with shortcuts: these are really small things but they come extremely handy when you don’t want to get distracted from the problem.

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