82. Document problems and common tasks at one place

How often have you found yourself resolving the same problem several times? How often do your teammates perform same tasks repeatedly and instruct each other how to do them?

Sometimes these are simple fixes like cleaning cache or restarting local database server. But sometimes, there are several steps required to resolve the problem. The more complex it is, the more time and effort it requires, not only to perform them but event find a correct way to do that.

Save yourself the trouble and document them! You can do it in any tool you have: a file in repository, a page on wiki or Jira, dedicated slack channel, files on public disc or even a document on sharepoint (I’m not joking!).

The point is to start and encourage everyone to form a habit of sharing knowledge. It will save time for others and spark a discussion of how to solve a problem better or for once. Maybe someone could even automate a list of manual steps with an automation script?

Moreover, such “documentation” will be always available for others what comes handy especially when one person is absent.

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