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More then a tweetstorm, less than a book.

In this blog I share helpful techniques every programmer can use every day to improve the code they write. I’ve been identifying and collecting them since 2015. Most come from reading, reviewing and fixing the code. They are backed by principles established in software engineering, books, blogs, seminars or courses, which somehow didn’t reach or stuck in mind of many programmers.

Most, if not all tips, can be applied to any programming language supporting object-oriented or functional paradigm.
They don’t require new tools, libraries or academic knowledge.
Majority of them can be introduced almost instantly, majority: within a day.

They’ve been helping me and many other programmers write code which is:

  • easy to read
  • easy to debug
  • easy to modify and extend

and finally: reliable.

This blog can be used as a quick reference or an entry point to code review, conducted either by yourself or by someone else.