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Welcome To Missing Brackets (*Still under development)

What is this place?

  • This site was built with the idea of making it easier for people to get help with their code. The tools I offer here are all open source and available elsewhere but I thought it made sense to bring all these tools together in a way that makes it easier for new and experienced developers to get help, share code or just do some easy on the fly coding from the web browser.
  • In the future I plan to start blogging in the section titled Typo's Ramblings where I will cover things like my personal projects, coding tips and just general coding ramblings.

How does it work?

  • The site works with tabs. Each tab loads a tool or chat or a sub section. If a tab loads dynamic content, you will notice a reset link on top of the title in case you ever wish to return it to original. The key here is that switching between tabs does not unload them so that you can use multiple tools, be in chat, switch between them all and not lose anything.

What do each of the tabs up top do?

  • Live Chat
    • The live chat, is the best way to get help and talk with other web developers. * If you have your own IRC client and prefer not to use the web portal, please connect to irc.missingbrackets.com.
  • Paste Bin
    • The paste bin allows you to easily paste anything you want and includes full syntax highlighting and diff support between a paste and its previous version.
  • JS Codepad
    • The JS Codepad allows you to do real time testing of your Javascript, HTML, and CSS and even includes a JS console.
  • PHP Codepad
    • The PHP Codepad allows you to do real time testing of your PHP code.
  • SQL Codepad
    • The SQL Codepad allows you to do real time testing of your SQL schemas and queries.
  • Untrusted: The Adventures Of DR. Eval (JS Coding Game)
    • This is an ascii/text based game in which you are given access to parts of the javascript source code using an in-game editor/console and are challenged to edit the code in order to make each level beatable. The very first level has you in a small room with only one other item .. touch that item and the game begins. Good luck!
  • Code Combat (JS Coding Game)
    • This is a much more modern style of game and the idea is a bit different in that you learn to code javascript while playing the game instead of the game above which is more of a test of your skill. Check it out, it is worth a look for sure.
  • Resources
    • A list of resources for web developers.
Resources That Will Help You Not Suck